ESIC GIS: Extending Scientific Inquiry with GIS

An NSF-funded program at the Univeristy of Kansas Center for Science Education, 2003-2005

The Extending Scientific Inquiry through Collaborative G.I.S. was a three-year, jointly-sponsored program at the University of Kansas to promote the use of geotechnologies in K-12 science education. The collaboration consisted of yearly classes of 24 participants from across the U.S. and Canada who study and implement classroom scientific inquiry with the aid of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The collaborative begins each spring with an eight week online course, teaching the fundamentals of GIS technologies and the integration of these technologies into middle and secondary science curriculum. During July, partici- pants meet face-to-face for two weeks to hone technical, pedagogical, and science content skills as they produce collaborative Project-Based Learning (PBL) units, utilizing GIS tech nologies.

Materials (PDF):